Essential planning with our asset protection lawyer to support your family

In today’s fast-paced world, families, individuals and business owners need to be forward-thinking in securing their hard-earned assets for future generations. Asset protection encompasses a range of legal strategies to safeguard your wealth and possessions, structure your affairs in line with your wishes and minimise tax implications for now and in the future.

Two of the most common goals both in personal and business succession are:

  • 1How to best protect your hard-earned assets
  • 2What options can minimise tax implications

A goal-centred approach to asset protection

Our specialist approach in all succession planning includes taking a holistic yet pragmatic approach to your individual situation and needs. We firmly believe a well-considered plan starts by looking at the result you want first. 

With our clear advice and concise communication, we can give you a range of easily understood options to consider. So you can make the right decision now, to ensure success for your future generations.


How can you best protect your assets now and after you pass away? We offer a comprehensive range of legal advice to help.

Enduring Power of Attorney & Guardian

Who will manage your personal finances on your behalf if you become unable to do so yourself?

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Testamentary Trust Wills

Would you like greater control over asset distribution, better security and tax effectiveness for future generations?

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Discretionary Trusts

Would you like to pursue investment options with a trust to build your assets with flexibility?

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Business Succession

Do you need robust strategic planning to future-proof your business and ensure its ongoing success?

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Put the right asset protection in place today

It’s incredibly difficult when a loved one dies. If arguments arise about the estate, it can be extremely emotional and complex. By putting the right plans in place today to protect your assets, you can ease the burden on your loved ones in the future.

We can also advise you in a mediation and litigation if disputes arise and legal action is necessary.

Estate plans are not ‘set and forget’ deals

Life moves on, your circumstances evolve, things change.

It is vital to conduct an annual review to ensure your estate planning strategy and documentation is standing the test of time.

Our easy Estate Planning Health Check will give you a starting point – to quickly identify if your estate plan needs an update.

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