Pursue investment options with greater flexibility using a discretionary trust

As young professionals grow their portfolio of assets, it can become beneficial to start investing without using a personal name. By establishing a discretionary trust, you can make purchases and investments through the trust. In this type of trust, the trustee can use discretion in how to distribute funds to the beneficiaries.

Use a discretionary trust to build your assets

Discretionary trusts are powerful vehicles, which operate to:

  • 1Protect assets from creditors, bankruptcy, and other claims
  • 2Afford tax benefits and flexibility to distribute income to beneficiaries in lower tax thresholds
  • 3Provide control and flexibility to distribute income and capital
  • 4Pass assets onto future generations in a tax-effective way as part of your estate

We use our expert knowledge to establish the trust as a powerful tool for asset protection, including, where necessary, claims from the matrimonial court.

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