Securing or selling your real estate interests

Whether you are acquiring, selling or looking to protect an interest in real estate, there are many legal issues to sort through. Being results-driven, we help businesses and individuals look at the entire transaction with the end goal always in mind, so the right outcome is achieved for you.

It is important you:

  • 1Understand how to structure the transaction
  • 2Have the right documentation to protect your interests
  • 3Can meet required deadlines
  • 4Have a trusted legal advisor to call on
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Commercial Leasing

Drafting or reviewing a commercial lease is the most common task that a business owner will want a lawyer to assist with. By engaging with C Legal & Co, we can assist you in these processes. A well-drafted lease will mitigate risks to your business.

Finance & Caveats

If you are considering lending money or have already lent money to family/friends you may want to have an agreement in place. The terms of that agreement will vary depending on whether you want the loan to be secured or unsecured, which will include a discussion as to whether you want to register a mortgage or caveat over the borrower’s property. It is also important to think about what will happen to the loan when you pass away – is it to be forgiven or not?

Structuring property transactions & Conveyancing

There are a number of ways you can structure the ownership of the real estate. Each option has different benefits and tax consequences that need to be considered (hopefully prior to signing a contract). If you register the property a certain way and change your mind after the transaction is complete you are going to face a costly change (transfer duty/stamp duty, capital gains tax and potentially land tax). Avoid this situation by setting up a call with
C Legal & Co today to discuss your options.

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