Resolve disputes with our expert estate mediation services

It’s incredibly difficult when a loved one dies. If arguments arise about the estate, it can be extremely emotional and complex for all involved. 

Before matters escalate to court, a neutral mediator can help facilitate a resolution. Our goal with estate mediation is to help you reach a mutually acceptable and legally binding agreement, saving you the cost and stress of formal court proceedings.

Professional expertise when you need it most

Our founder Claire Styles is an accredited and highly experienced mediator, specialising in estate disputes. Through mediation, we can provide you with a compassionate space to communicate openly and effectively to reach a resolution.

What estate mediation can do:

  • 1Save time and money – it’s quicker and less expensive than going to court
  • 2Keep information private – you don’t need to disclose sensitive details in public
  • 3Maintain control – you and the other parties decide the outcome, rather than a judge
  • 4Support relationships – at a stressful time, mediation can help restore communication between family members

With our thorough understanding of the law and compassionate approach, we will work with you and your family towards a settlement, with the highest level of professionalism.

How can estate mediation be used?

Mediation can work if you face uncertainty over the validity or interpretation of a will, the distribution of assets or the estate’s administration. 

During our initial consultation, we will listen to your concerns and provide you with expert guidance on:

  • 1Whether your situation is suitable for mediation
  • 2The best time to hold mediation
  • 3What you can do to best prepare for mediation
  • 4How we can represent you in mediation sessions

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