Expert legal representation in court for estate litigation matters

Administration of an estate and the distribution of assets after a loved one dies is a highly emotional and stressful process for all. When disputes about the estate escalate to formal court proceedings, it can complicate life further.

Experienced in estate litigation 

Our founder Claire Styles is a highly experienced lawyer, specialising in estate disputes. Claire’s expertise in estate litigation can help you successfully navigate a dispute while protecting your rights. 

Estate litigation can resolve a variety of matters, including disputes over the:

  • 1Validity or interpretation of a will
  • 2Duties and actions of the estate executor or administrator
  • 3Administration of a trust
  • 4Guardianship arrangements
  • 5Distribution of assets

We can act on behalf of the estate or a beneficiary.

What you can expect from us

We can guide you through this difficult time, providing specialist advice and representation when disputes go to court. 

We will give you honest advice about the best negotiation and courtroom litigation strategies, tailored to your situation. At all times, we prioritise clear communication and will talk openly with you about the legal process, the progress of your case, costs and the potential outcomes.

Recognised for legal excellence

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